Our Approach

You could call me overly concerned with the outcome.  I am known for going the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is perfect.  We listen to what you want and need from our services.  We will build a package that fit you and your budget.  We do not pressure you to add to your package or try to up sale something you don’t want nor need.

Our Story

I started in photography as a teenager after joining the Navy. I was seeing the world and wanted to remember it for a lifetime.  I was being asked to do peoples family portraits and my shipmates were interested in having copies of the images I had taken.  So that is where all began.  Since then I have been taking pictures and seeing the world one snap at a time.  

 I started in 1999 doing “People” photography on a larger scale.  I have had the pleasure of capturing peoples memories and events through my lens.  I have the ability to put people at ease and not make it seem like we are just taking photos. 

 I have considerable experience building model portfolios for established  or new models.  We teach as we shoot.  So if you want to experience what it like to be a model we can arrange and create a portfolio to get you noticed.  




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